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Google Summer of Code 2013: Cantor + Python

This year I have a project accepted to Google Summer of Code. This is my second time in the program and I am very happy and grateful for it

This year I come back to Cantor, the KDE mathematical environment for several mathematical softwares like Maxima, Sage, Scilab, etc. In 2011 I developed the Scilab backend during Google Summer of Code. My mentor was Sylvestre Ledru, from Scilab team.

This time my project is conclude the scientific python backend for Cantor. I began the development of this piece of software during LaKademy. The communication between Cantor and python is working properly. The software miss some features of IDE, like tab-complete and syntax highlight. I intent provide support to scipy, numpy and matplotlib too. Alexander Rieder, from KDE, is my supervisor.

There are some ideas about how to implement tab-complete and syntax highlight. It is possible using XML files (like I implemented in Scilab backend) or use the Kdevelop technology. I am researching which I will use.

More updates will come soon! Follow the tag gsoc2013-python-backend this blog!

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  1. Are you planning on using the normal python shell or the iPython shell? If you are planning on using the normal shell I would strongly suggest you look into the iPython shell first, it already has both Qt and web browser interfaces and a number of additional features that I think would mesh better with cantor than the vanilla python shell.

    Of course there may be other issues that make it unsuitable, but I do think it is worth looking into.

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