Scilab Backend to Cantor: Syntax Highlight and Tab Complete

I bring in this post some news about the Scilab backend to Cantor, my Google Summer of Code project in this year. After the last weeks of work, two interesting features were implemented in the Scilab backend: syntax highlighting and tab complete for predefined functions and variables. These features are cool because they are present […]

Backend do Cantor para Scilab: Destaque de Sintaxe e Autocomplete

Trago neste post algumas novidades sobre o suporte ao Scilab no Cantor, meu projeto do Google Summer of Code deste ano. Após as últimas semanas de trabalho, duas interessantes funcionalidades do backend foram implementadas: o destaque de sintaxe e o autocomplete para funções e variáveis pré-definidas. Estas funcionalidades são legais pois estão presentes na maioria […]

Scilab says: “Hello Cantor!”

…and also makes calculations! In recent weeks, I worked primarily with the communication between Cantor and Scilab, via the backend that I am developing. The task was very interesting because in the project, the technology chosen for implementation, was changed. Before, I had proposed to use the API call_scilab, which makes the communication between the […]

Scilab diz: “Hello Cantor!”

…e também faz cálculos! Nestas últimas semanas, trabalhei basicamente com a comunicação entre o Cantor e o Scilab, via o backend que estou desenvolvendo. A tarefa foi bem interessante pois houve mudanças no projeto, na tecnologia escolhida para a implementação. Antes eu havia proposto o uso da API call_scilab, que faz a comunicação entre código […]

Scilab showing the face at Cantor

…but without saying “Hello Cantor”, yet. In recent weeks, I’ve been studying the interfaces that allow communication between Cantor and their backends, mainly the implementations of the classes backend, session, and expression. From these studies, I put the objective to implement the respective classes derived from these that will form the basis of Scilab backend in […]