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All right to LAkademy!

In the last mounths, brazilian KDE community worked in the organization of first KDE latin-american meeting, the LAkademy. This meeting will happen from April 27 to May 01, in Porto Alegre – RS/Brazil.

LAkademy aims to KDE community established, so this isn’t a disclosure event. In the scheduling we have hacking sessions between latin-american developers, presentations about hot themes in KDE community (like Plasma Active and Qt5), latin-america promo meetings, and more activities.

I fell good vibrations about LAkademy. The last event like this was Akademy-BR, in 2010. Since, the brazilian community were is several free software promotional meetings, like IV ENSL, Latinoware 2011, FISL, and others, but a specific meeting of KDE community to evaluate it, talk about the KDE future in Latin America, and imagine goals, only now in LAkademy. So this is importance of event.

My TODO list to LAkademy is:

  • See some friends!
  • Work in improves to Cantor’s Scilab backend;
  • See Rocs with Tomaz and Wagner;
  • See Plasma Active with Lamarque;
  • Work in a new wiki to KDE Brazil with Aracele;
  • Discuss about the sustainability of KDE Brazil;
  • Discuss about free software events in Brazil in which KDE Brazil will be present;
  • Drink some beer and to eat the traditional gaucho barbecue!! =D

I desire (and we will work to) that LAkademy will become routine in Latin America, and enter to the international KDE community calendar, like Camp KDE, conf.kde.in, Akademy, and others.

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