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@planetkde on twitter and identi.ca

Repeating what I did in Planet KDE Portuguese using dlvrt.it, the updates from Planet KDE were redirected to @planetkde profiles on identi.ca and twitter. The profile on identi.ca also sends messages to the KDE group in the identi.ca.

The goal is to spread to social networks what the KDE community is promoting and producing.

Now some considerations:

  1. I find than send messages from @planetkde profile on identi.ca to KDE identi.ca group is natural. Planet KDE is one of the main communication channels on KDE community. If we have a group that wants to discuss about KDE on identi.ca, anything better than to send updates for this group. So,  there is no a huge amount of updates, the profile does not flood the group;
  2. I preferred that Planet KDE feed have the authors’ name of posts before title, as the Planet KDE Portuguese feed. Thus @planetkde updates would include the authors’ name and post title too. Promo-team, Could I make this change at Planet KDE feed?
  3. If KDE community install brdcst.it, free software alternative to dlvrt.it, I will migrate to brdcst without problems.
  4. Somebody would like to design a cool logo for @planetkde? 😉

So, follow the @planetkde!

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  1. It’s a very nice idea, but as you’ve probably seen, some people are annoyed that @planetkde posts to the !kde group.
    I think it could be better to not include the !kde group tag, and just remind of @planetkde’s existance from time to time. Everybody wins, I think.

    By the way, in case you’re interested, identi.ca/statusNet can import a RSS feed by itself, from the settings > Mirror options.

  2. Nice 🙂

    Can you add your details for these into the promo wiki:

    (I was about to say we already have the identi.ca/kde account syndicating planetkde, but it seems that is quite inactive for the past year or so).

    In relation to your points:

    1. I agreee
    2. Jonathan Riddell does the planetkde backend stuff (I think), so you’d need to get in touch with him about changes to planet feeds etc. I think you’ll find planet kde as a product in bugzilla to file requests
    3. Seems brdcst.it offer a service themselves. Installing on KDE infrastructure is also a possibility I guess, but you should ask the sysdamins about that.

    Mailing kde-promo to start with to discuss options would be good to get some other opinions. Ideally, it’s always better if a few people have account access too.

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