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Scilab showing the face at Cantor

…but without saying “Hello Cantor”, yet.

In recent weeks, I’ve been studying the interfaces that allow communication between Cantor and their backends, mainly the implementations of the classes backend, session, and expression. From these studies, I put the objective to implement the respective classes derived from these that will form the basis of Scilab backend in Cantor, and already providing a configuration interface along the lines of those found in other Cantor backends

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Configuration screen now with the option to Scilab



For now, I’m working with these configuration options for the backend: one path to the scilab-cli (the Scilab terminal client) and the option of integrating the graphics on the results sheet of Cantor. This option is interesting because it gives the user freedom to choose between loading the figure in the software itself or using the graphical management of Scilab, which allows some interactions with the user for configuring the graph generated.

Me and my mentor, Sylvestre Ledru, we’re thinking about working configuration of these charts also via command line, from the development of extensions to the call_scilab API. This API is responsible for the interaction between code written in C/C++ and Scilab.

My next goal is to implement the execution of operations in Scilab environment from Cantor. So, I can say that the next step Scilab will say “Hello Cantor”  in Cantor environment! And, of course, make some calculations too. 😉

See you soon!

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