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My Project in Google Summer of Code: One Project, Two Communities

Today the results of the Google Summer of Code 2011 were released, and I am very happy – my project in Cantor backend to Scilab was approved in Scilab slot! In this link uou can read the abstract of the proposal. In here has a link to some tests of using the call_scilab API, making the connection between C++ code and Scilab enviroment.

My mentor will be Sylvestre Ledru, one of the engineers responsible for Scilab development.

The most interesting aspect of this project is that its results will be important in two different communities of free software – Scilab and the KDE, through scientific software Cantor.

The next steps of this work will be promptly reported in this blog. Stay alert, and I hope to receive feedback from interested parties to announce that each new!

In this  link you will find more projects approved in this edition of Google Summer of Code.

Even more personal, and keep your eyes open!

6 comentários em “My Project in Google Summer of Code: One Project, Two Communities”

  1. Sweet…

    When I looked at the list of accepted KDE projects, I was already disappointed when I didn’t see yours…

    I didn’t realize Scilab rather than KDE is your (official) mentoring organization 🙂

    1. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm, @smls!

      Maybe even a little strange, since Scilab is my mentor organization but I will send code to KDE repository.

      Because of these characteristics, I regard this work as an interdisciplinary project! 😀

      Thanks and feel free to follow and send feedbacks to the project!


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