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Call for Answers: Survey About Task Assignment

Professor Igor Steinmacher, from Northern Arizona University, is a proeminent researcher on several social dynamics in open source communities, like support of newcomers, gender bias, open sourcing proprietary software, and more. Some of his papers can de found in his website.

Currently, Prof. Igor is inviting mentors from open source communities to answer a survey about task assignment in projects. See below the description of the survey and take some time to answer the questions – the knowledgement obtained here can be very interesting for all of us.


My name is Igor Steinmacher, and I am a professor at Northern Arizona University.

Along with some other researchers we are currently studying the strategies that mentors use to assign tasks to newcomers to Free/Open Source projects.Your experience is very important to us given the limited number of people that mentor or guide newcomers in FOSS projects.

You are therefore, a perfect person to get feedback for our research.

We would really appreciate if you could spare about 5 minutes of your time to answer a brief survey about your experiences.
The survey is here: https://goo.gl/forms/qCzgoG3Uc4O0w9da2I would like to emphasize that, if shared, your insights will play a prominent role in creating a better understanding of the mentors’ strategies to assignment tasks for newcomers, serving as input for heuristics, and helping other mentors. Thank you very much in advance for your time, and please contact me if you have any question.


Igor Steinmacher

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  1. Igor Steinmacher, is one of them Social-Justice-Warriors [SJW’s] that is causing more harm to the open-source / linux community.
    He does not believe in meritocracy but rather gender based, and I am not talking more females it is transgender and all that other section that he thinks should be given jobs in open-source and linux, kicking out so called “white-privileged”.
    That’s right ..if your a good coder and studied hard then you are privileged and should be removed while a transgender or another person from one of them gender queer [queer being a term they use] groups is put in your place. Not because that person is a better coder or as something better to offer, but because they are transgender or from another one of them LBQT+ groups. Because a man decides to put a girls dress on and call himself Brittany, he should get your job not because he/she/it would better, but based purely on identity politics. But people like Igor Steinmacher, wont be replaced because they are pushing the far-left-wing political identity politics on to everyone else and not themselves.

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