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Call to Co-maintainers of Cantor

Cantor, the software to scientific programming in worksheet-style interface, had (and has!) several developers working in different parts of the code along the years. Thanks to the plugin-based architecture of Cantor, a developer can to create a new backend to communicate with some new programming language, an assistant, or some other piece of software, requiring just the knowledge of Cantor API.

Because it Cantor has 10 backends using different sets of technologies to provide communication between the software and some programming language. Citing some examples, Python 2 backend uses the Python/C API, R and Python 3 backends use D-Bus protocol, and Scilab backend uses KProcess. So, there are a mix of different technologies in the project.

You can think the maintenance of Cantor can be a headache if the work is done by just one person. Since I received the maintainer status, I am trying to improve the coordination of the project, including the distribution of responsibilities among developers.

In this way, I requested to KDE sysadmin and that amazing team created in KDE Bugzilla different components to each backend in Cantor. For now I asked to some developers to take the responsibility and manage the bugs reported to backends developed by them, but some components are missing maintainers yet, specially the backends of Maxima, Qualculate, R, and Sage.

So, if you were a developer of some of those backends and you would like to continue developing Cantor, please comment in this post or send an e-mail to me in filipe at kde.org and I will put you as the maintainer of the component.

Of course, all developers can to contribute for Cantor and solve his bugs, but the work as maintainer of some component will help us in the task of manage and improve the project.

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