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LaKademy 2015 – my own Cantor sprint and other tasks

From June 3 to 6, KDE Brazil team come back to Salvador/Bahia to attend KDE Latin America Summit 2015 – or, using the coolest name, LaKademy 2015.

Aracele wrote about how the KDE Brazil started in her post. It is inevitable not to think the same when we talk about KDE and Bahia together. KDE has had collaborators in Brazil and Latin America since many years ago (KDHelio is here to remember us 😉 ) but the modern KDE Brazil team, community oriented, with a continuous presence in free software conferences in Brazil, has several developers, translators, and more, born in Bahia from the work performed by Live Blue team – Sandro and Tomaz. Therefore, a trip to Bahia is not only a journey to the birthplace of modern Brazil – it is a trip to the birthplace of modern KDE Brazil too.

My main work at LaKademy 2015 was to finish the port of Cantor to Qt5/KF5. I started this work in previous LaKademy, and now it was the time to end it. During the event I was engaged to drop KDELibs4Support from that software. I opened 5 review requests during the sprint, one for each library dropped. Now I am just finishing the plugin loading mechanism and the work will be completed.

But it was not my only task. During the event we had some projectors to present talks or to show anything related with free software contributions. I presented the process of code review for the audience and how to submit a review request. It was really interesting for the newcomers.

“Huumm… I am going to compile this patch. Let’s see what happens.”

Putting different contributors and newcomers together is a nice moment to exchange tips and get help for several contribution aspects. It is interesting to see the different Linux distributions used by each developer, how each developer configures their environment, and more. It is also a nice time to sit side-by-side with contributors to learn more, and to teach something to newcomers.

As I worked on the Cantor port, I was assisted by Daniela and Alana to drop KDialog from the source code. Another interesting moment was to see the code contribution of Ícaro, Rodrigo, and Fernando, adding an automatically increase balls size feature in Kollision – we need to delivery it for our users!

“What do you think about this line?”

And, of course, we had an extended promo meeting to discuss the KDE activities in Brazil for this year. If you have Portuguese skills, you can see our actions and proposals in the KDE Brazil board at kanboard.

Promo Promo Promo Promo Promo Promo

Now it is time to spread the KDE message in Brazilian free software events this year – and this work begins next week at FISL.

So, thank you Sandro for all your work organizing the LaKademy 2015 and all your work related with KDE Brazil. I would also like to thank all supporters of LaKademy 2015 crowdfunding and KDE e.V. – you make it happen! Thank you Aleix Pol for reviewing my code contributions! =)

And thank you Salvador for the amazing city and food! =D

We are a happy family!

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