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Moving to Stockholm


[This post is off-topic for some Planet readers, sorry for it. I just expect to get some help with free software communities.]

Exciting times are coming to me before the end of year. Next week (probably) I am going to Stockholm to live for 5 months. I am getting an visiting researcher position at  KTH – Royal Institute of Technology as part of my PhD course. I will work with PSMIX group – Power System Management with related Information Exchange, leaded by Prof. Lars Nordström.

The subject of my project is the modelling and simulation of smart grids (power system plus a layer of communication and decision making automation) features using multi-agent systems. I expect to work with the simulation platform developed by PSMIX based in Raspberry PI and SPADE framework. The platform is described in this paper.

Well, I am very anxious with this travel because two things: the communication in English and the Sweden winter. The second is my main concern. Gosh, going out from the all the days Brazilian summer to the Nordic winter! :'( But ♫ I will survive ♪ (I expect). 😉

If you know someone to help me with tips about apartment rent, I will be very glad. Rent accommodation in Stockholm is very hard and expensive.

Thanks and I will send news!

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  1. Ha, my friend, Bruno, from KDE back then, moved from Manaus to Helsinki back then in the Nokia Qt age around February when I convinced him to join the company I was working for.

    I guess it was a bit climate cultural shock for him or at least a very different feeling. You are in a similar position, but after that it was great fun for him, I think!

    Just buy some cloths in there and/or bring some with you and all will be fine, really. 😉

    Good luck!

  2. As of today, Stockholm is still keeping on the warm side of 0°C. It will (hopefully) get colder soon, but so far this “winter” remains warm.

    If you feel comfortable speaking English, you shouldn’t worry about language. I have multiple friends who have survived for years with nearly no knowledge in Swedish. Most native people don’t mind speaking English at any time.

    As for communities, we do have some that are (sometimes) organizing general computing/programming events, i.e. http://www.meetup.com/The-Stockholm-Big-Data-Group/

    I’m quite sure you will be able to find more once you arrive to KTH. Good luck with your time here!

  3. Just a heads up: Getting a place to live is *really* difficult in Stockholm! Ask if KTH has some special arrangements for visiting researchers.

    I can warmly recommend getting a place in Täby, somewhere along the local train called «Roslagsbanan». Roslagsbanan will take you to KTH in 10-20 mins. If you are lucky you can rent a basement or other part of a villa for a moderate amount. But single room apartments are also good around there. People often advertise rooms for rent on the website called Blocket.

    Don’t worry about the cold. You’ll get used to it quickly. Just dress warm outside and remember to take off clothes when you come inside. Sitting inside in too warm clothes will make you feel even colder when you get back outside.

    Worry about the dark. There are just a few hours of pale daylight here every day. Make sure to be outside, or at least close to the window as much as you can during these hours.

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