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See you at FISL 15!


Soon I am going to one of the biggest events in the world about free software, the International Free Software Forum (FISL)!

As usual this year will be very present in KDE activities – especially the lecture by Kévin Ottens on KDE Frameworks 5, and the KDE community meeting. It will be easy to find me on the KDE booth in the user group area too.

I intent to attend other lectures, for example the metamodeling using Qt with Sandro, the 30-year history of GNU with Aracele, devices for neuroscience studies with Cabelo, and some more I’m still far from decided “my” FISL schedule.

May 9, 16:00h, I will present a paper on Free Software Workshop about the development of Python backend for Cantor.

The complete schedule of FISL activities has more than 300 lectures, workshops, short courses, and more!

See you there!

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