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Cantor’s script editor news

A small blogpost about Cantor before Brazilian Carnival parties.

KDE 4.13 is feature freeze now and I developed some improvements in Cantor’s script editor. It will be available in next KDE stable release around April 16.

Now Python 2 and Scilab backends have support to script editor! See some pictures:

python_script_editorCantor Script Editor for Python

scilab_script_editor Cantor Script Editor for Scilab

You can access script editor in menu bar View -> Show Script Editor. The script editor is based in kate-part, so you have syntax highlighting, line numbering, mini-map, and all cool stuffs from Kate. You have a Run Script button too, so you can just push this button and the script will be load in Cantor worksheet, as you can see in examples.

There is news for others Cantor backends too. Now script editor load default syntax highlighting for each backend – in old versions it did not happen. And, if you push New button, the new script editor will have the default syntax highlighting working too.

It is the news about my work in Cantor for KDE 4.13. I intent improve Python 2 backend and script editor for future releases.

But now it is time to go to Brazilian street parties! Happy Carnival! 😉

4 comentários em “Cantor’s script editor news”

  1. Hi,

    Is there planned a backend for GAP (gap-system.org)?

    Would be really cool.
    If You offer the guidance, I may tackle it during the coming summer 😉

      1. No, no I didn’t mean GSoC, I guess I’m unfortunately to old for such things 😉

        Well it’s used for pure group theory, algebras, magmas, algebraic structures, homological algebra, recently also simpicial homology and (if none of these say much to You) many other general abstract nonsense stuff, which I even don’t know about 😉

        I use it for computations in small groups, and many people are using it for classes on groups basic algebra, or more advanced group theory)

        I guess that I shouldn’t put links here, but google spills plenty of results if You search for ‘ gap “group theory” ‘

        There is a sage interface for gap, but it is very limited.

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