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I am a Mage!

This is just a manner of speaking. = D

May 27, 2013. I officially became a packer on Mageia, Mandriva-based Linux distro. The date marks the creation of an account with access permission to repository and build system for me.

I started contributing to Mageia since the early days of the project, translating the manifesto to Portuguese. Since then I helped on forums, IRC, mailing lists, got mirrors with high performance in Brazil, and did more work in promotion. However, I wanted to provide software for Mageia, because this is a job who not everyone can contribute.

To become a packers I had to participate in a mentoring program where I was guided by my Portuguese friend José Jorge or zezinho. I learned a lot about the art of creating RPM packages. Thanks zezinho!

I’m packing SWI-Prolog and abnTeX2. I intend to maintain some scientific-related software and KDE stuff like themes and plasma applets.

Well, this is my way to contribute to free software. Thank you, community!

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    1. Hi Jan, thanks!
      About the pump.io client, do you refer to Dianara? I see it in your blog, congratulations to you! It smells a great software! When Dianara will be a stable release?

      1. Hi! Yes, I meant Dianara 😀

        v0.6 was pretty stable, actually, and even though not complete, it was already quite decent for daily use. Well, my daily use, at least 😉

        I’ve added a lot of features and fixed lots of things since then, so I guess v0.7 will be out soon. You can try the development version from gitorious if you wish.


        1. My proposal is: I am waiting for identi.ca migration to pump.io. When it is complete, I will try pump.io and Dianara. If I think Dianara interesting, I package it.

          Mageia release cycle is a bit long. New softwares packages only are avaiable in the new stable version of Mageia, Mageia 4, ~May/2014.

          1. I like your proposal 😀

            The release cycle for Mageia is long, but better late than never 😛
            BTW, isn’t it ~9 months? Mageia 3 came out in May, so Mageia 4 should be out about February/March, right?

            Anyway, having it in Cauldron meanwhile would be great anyway. Thanks!

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