Downloading SRPM build requires using urpmi

Several Linux distributions have specific commands to download build requires of a package. For example, Debian and its derivatives have apt-get build-dep; in OpenSUSE is zypper si -d; Fedora have yum-builddep; etc.

There is in Mandriva and derivatives distros using  urpmi a command to do this too!  But it is mandatory to link the package SRPM source.

The command is:

urpmi –buildrequires <package.src.rpm>

Remember, there are two hyphens in buildrequires option. You must to substitute <package.src.rpm> for the src.rpm package address. For example, to download Choqok build requires you uses::

urpmi –buildrequires

To find the SRPM package you must visit a repository of your distro and copy the complete package name. For example, there is a Tier 1 repository to Mageia in C3SL, the link is

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