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KDE packagers: give some love to Cantor

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I have some posts to write about Cantor but first I would like to request a help to KDE packagers of several Linux distros around the world.

I received some mails from users asking “how can I use python in Cantor?” or “where is python support in Cantor?”. Well, python2-backend is available in Cantor since KDE 4.12 release. If you is using KDE >= 4.12 but you can not to use python in Cantor, maybe the package was not build correctly.

python 2 development library (commonly packed as python-devel in some Linux distros) is required to build python2-backend. python 2 is required to use Cantor with python 2.

Then if you are a Cantor user and can not to use Cantor with python, please write a bug report in the bug management system of your distro. You can to put a link in the bug report to this post too.

Anyway, if your distro bring or not bring python2-backend, write a comment below and I will make a table with this information.

[UPDATE May 13, 2014] – In FISL I and Paulo Andrade, a Mandriva/Conectiva employer, noticed that Cantor is missing the Python backend in Fedora. Paulo wrote a bug report and the packager fix it. Maybe in one week the Cantor with the fix will be available in Fedora repositories. Thanks Paulo!

Written by Filipe Saraiva

maio 13th, 2014 at 12:47 am

11 Responses to “KDE packagers: give some love to Cantor”

  1. Scott K disse:

    Works on Kubuntu 14.04, but you do have to install the cantor-backend-python package.

  2. Louis94 disse:

    Works in Arch.

  3. TheBlackCat disse:

    Works on openSUSE.

  4. FranzMari disse:

    Works in Chakra

  5. Pablo Pareja disse:

    Works in Debian

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